Do I need to downsize? There are signs to look f

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Moving is a big job, but when you're a senior and you're moving from the home you've raised your family in to something smaller, you have some specific considerations you have to make. You can take measures to reduce the stress of the days ahead. Here's a guide to help you through the process as you get ready to downsize and prep for your move.
Knowing When It's Time to Downsize
Life happens quickly. One day you're in the midst of raising your kids, tripping over one another in a house that barely seems big enough, and the next your kids are grown and you're left with a large house that's more work than it seems to be worth. Most homeowners do not buy their homes with the intent of downsizing, but as they enter their senior years, the realities of owning a large home begin to catch up with them. Knowing when it's time to downsize is not always easy, but these tips and guidelines should help a little. Here are some signs that it's time to consider downsizing:
Need to Stretch the Budget - Your retirement savings are only going to go so far. If you need to stretch them, then it's time to consider downsizing to stretch your housing budget.
House Upkeep Becomes Overwhelming - If the task of cleaning and maintaining your home is overwhelming, and you don't have the budget to hire outside help to do the job, then it's time to consider downsizing.
Vacant Rooms - If you have multiple rooms in your home that you never use, then you don't need them. They are costing you money to heat and maintain, and downsizing will fix this problem.
You Need a Different Layout - As we age, getting up and down stairs gets harder and harder. If you have a multi-story home, you may need to downsize to a single-story home or apartment to ensure you can navigate your home successfully.
If you're noticing any of these are true about you, then downsizing is going to be the right choice.